COVID - 19

The School District held its weekly conference call this morning with officials from Lincoln County Health. We are pleased to report that the active cases of COVID19 within Lincoln County School District #2 remain minimal. We have had questions from staff and the community regarding notification from the District when an active case is reported. To quote from our Smart Start Plan- “New cases and exposure will be communicated to staff and stakeholders, as appropriate, through previously mentioned communication pathways. Personal or identifiable information will not be shared.” At this time, we do not believe it is appropriate to report new cases and exposure based on the small numbers that are being reported. Personal identification and the confidentiality of those affected would be at risk due to the small numbers we are seeing. We continue to emphasize the importance of at-home screening, hand washing and social distancing when possible. When social distancing is not possible the use of an approved face covering is recommended.

Handle With Care

Parents and Guardians of LCSD#2,

As part of meeting the social and emotional needs of our students, Lincoln County School District #2 is collaborating with multiple local, county, and state agencies to implement a new initiative called Handle with Care.

Handle with Care is an initiative to allow local agencies to notify the school system when a child experiences something traumatic that the school may not otherwise be aware of. 

When children may be present at the scene of an event, or a tragic event may affect a child associated, law enforcement, other first responders, child services, and medical providers have been trained to identify the children affected, find out what school they attend, and send a point of contact with the school a confidential email that simply says, ‘Child’s name HWC’ (or Handle with Care). In order to protect the family’s privacy, the communication will not provide any other details.

The simple “Handle with Care” communication allows the schools to initially be aware of the child and respond positively and in supportive ways without any pressure on the child to share what is on their mind. Should more information come to the school through proper communication, the schools’ mental health teams can adjust accordingly to provide the appropriate support as needed.

As we begin the implementation of this program for the 2020-21 school year, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Barb Merritt, LCSW at Star Valley High School: 307-885-7847 or a school counselor/ psychologist at your child’s school. 

Finally, as parents/guardians, you have the best insight if your child is experiencing additional stress, anxiety, or other upsetting emotions that may impact their behavior at school.  This is an open invitation, if your student or your family is going through a difficult time, to feel free to reach out to your school counselor/psychologist, principal, and/or teacher to request heightened awareness surrounding your student so that we might serve them better.

Thank you,

Lincoln County School District #2