Lincoln County School District #2
District and School Safety

Lincoln County School District #2 is committed to providing a safe school environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Safety Videos

Please review our student created safety videos that provide an overview of our Standard Response Protocols: Hold, Secure, Lockdown

Law Enforcement Partnership

Lincoln County School District #2 partners with Lincoln County Sheriff's Department with staffing School Resource Officers.

Lincoln County School District #2 collaborates with local safety and local law enforcement for joint trainings and district safety drills.

Special Thank You:

Lincoln County School District #2 appreciate the collaboration with the leadership and team at

District Safety Committee:

Farren Haderlie, Star Valley High School

Daniel Barnes, Thayne Elementary School

Warren Hicks, Director of Facilities

Ryan Lyman, Director of Transportation

Nathan Wescott, Director of Special Services

Colton Wright, Information Technology

Building Safety Committee:

Contact Building Principal