Lincoln County School District #2
District and School Safety

Lincoln County School District #2 is committed to providing a safe school environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Safety Videos

Please review our student created safety videos that provide an overview of our Standard Response Protocols: Hold, Secure, Lockdown

Law Enforcement Partnership

Lincoln County School District #2 partners with Lincoln County Sheriff's Department with staffing School Resource Officers.

Lincoln County School District #2 collaborates with local safety and local law enforcement for joint trainings and district safety drills.

Special Thank You:

Lincoln County School District #2 appreciate the collaboration with the leadership and team at

District Safety Committee:

Farren Haderlie, Star Valley Middle School

Daniel Barnes, Osmond Elementary School

Warren Hicks, Director of Facilities

Ryan Lyman, Director of Transportation

Nathan Wescott, Director of Special Services

Building Safety Committee:

Contact Building Principal