District Vision and Accreditation

Mission Statement

Success at the Next Level


Vision Statement

We envision success at the next level through cultivating relationships, learning at high levels, working collaboratively; and using data to determine effectiveness.



Sustainability Through Effective Resource Utilization:

Goal: Establish and maintain processes that secure the sustainability of LCSD#2. 

Leadership and Talent Development through Recruitment and Professional Development:

Goal: As a system, create and update our processes and practices of leadership and talent development to ensure continuous high performance in all areas.

Student Success through Teaching and Learning:

Goal: Every student will demonstrate one year’s growth. One year’s growth is defined as measuring a student’s academic progress between two point in time.

Student Safety:

Goal: The district will provide a safe school environment for students, staff and visitors.


Each of the schools in LCSD#2 is fully accredited by the State of Wyoming. To be fully accredited a school must show that it is meeting rigorous academic goals as well as be in compliance with the rules and regulations adopted by the Wyoming Department of Education.