Wyoming Content and Performance Standards

Lincoln County School District #2 has adopted the Wyoming Content & Performance Standards to guide our instruction. While the standards specify what students must know and be able to do, we as a district get to determine the materials,resources, and strategies utilized to teach the concepts and skills.

All of the Wyoming Content & Performance Standards are available on the Wyoming Department of Education’s website and can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Wyoming Content & Performance Standards


Our teachers work collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to determine the most essential skills and concepts, the instructional resources to be utilized, the optimal instructional strategies and techniques used to teach the concepts, and develop or select assessment items to measure students’ progress towards mastery of the standards. Teachers meet on a regular basis in an effort to constantly improve teaching and learning in their classrooms.

District Level Committees

At the district level we have committees to review and select instructional materials aligned to the most current standards.

Adoption Cycle

LCSD #2’s Review/Adoption Cycle is shown below. Please note that it is subject to change based on school and district needs.

Business/Foreign Language 2018-2019
Science 2019-2020
Social Studies/History 2020-2021
Math 2021-2022

Contact Amanda

For questions or suggestions please contact Amanda McAdams at (307) 885-7130 or ammcadams@lcsd2.org.